Oakton Coins & Collectibles, nestled in Skokie, serves as a premier destination for the procurement and sale of an extensive assortment of bullion items across various types and categories, encompassing gold, silver, and platinum.

In Coin shop chicago, to meeting the diverse needs of collectors and investors, we proudly offer an array of bullion items:

Gold Bullion:

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs
South African Gold Krugerrand
American Gold Eagles
Austrian Philharmonic Gold
One Ounce Gold Bars
American Gold Buffalos
Chinese Gold Pandas
90% US Gold Coins
Silver Bullion:

American Silver Eagles
Chinese Silver Pandas
Mexico Libertad
Generic Silver Bars and Rounds
90% US Pre-1964 Silver Coins
Platinum Bullion:

Platinum American Eagle Coin
Platinum Bar
Platinum Maple Leaf
Our commitment at Oakton Coins & Collectibles goes beyond mere transactions. cash, strive to curate a comprehensive and diverse selection of precious metal bullion, ensuring a fulfilling and tailored experience for enthusiasts and investors seeking quality gold, silver, and platinum items.

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