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Are you a loving pet owner? Ensure your furry friends stay safe with ToxiPets, the cutting-edge pet toxicity app that empowers you with peace of mind.
Ensure your pet’s safety with our cutting-edge pet toxicity app! Harnessing the power of AI, ToxiPets brings you a one-of-a-kind solution that scans barcodes, identifies plants, and offers an interactive chatbot for expert guidance.

is —- safe for pets CATS AND DOGS’ SAFETY:

πŸ“Έ Snap & Solve: Deciphers the mystery substance in question. ToxiPets provides an AI-powered camera with veterinary expertise to keep your pets safe.
πŸ’¬ Chat with Our AI Veterinarian Expert: Have your questions answered by our AI veterinarian model, developed on our toxicologist-verified data.
πŸ“š Expert-Backed Toxin Database: entry written by a veterinary toxicity expert so you know it’s trustworthy (2600+ potentially toxic plants, ingredients, substances so far).
πŸ” Spot the Unseen: AI camera saves the day for unknown plants and fungi.
🏷️ Barcode Brilliance: Scan barcodes, read ingredients – pet-safe shopping made simple.
πŸ”„ Constantly updated: we’re adding new substances all the time so you know the information you receive is up to date.
🌍 Vast and Inclusive Database: We’ve been meticulously reviewing over 1.4 million branded foods, makeup products, household items, medications, plants, and recipes in our expansive database (BECAUSE PETS GET TO EVERYTHING). Our coverage spans the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, and the rest of Europe, enabling a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards across various regions.


Millions of families adore their cats and dogs. Yet, the journey of pets parenting has its worries. In 2021, pets toxicity cases spiked by 51% (over 400,000 toxicity cases between American Poison Control Center and Pet Poison Helpline), highlighting the need for vigilance.

ToxiPets, pet health care app bridges the gap between pet care and technology, utilizing AI and toxicology expertise to provide expert guidance and ensure the safety of your pets


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While ToxiPets is a trusted source with an amazing team of DVMs researching, identifying, and writing about toxins, it doesn’t diagnose or provide medical advice. Always seek the expertise of a veterinarian if you believe you

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