Plastiq Alternative

Plastiq Alternative, Zil Money, enables you to pay your vendors, suppliers, or contractors using a credit card, even if they do not accept them. It is possible to pay practically all business expenses together with your existing credit cards, even when they are not accepted. You can be rewarded if you take full advantage of your margins. Your recipient doesn?t need to have a merchant account. Payment is made to the receiver via check, wire transfer, or ACH transfer.

Additionally, Zil Money provides an online banking service called Zil. On Plastiq Service , it is possible to pay and obtain paid by wire, check draft, and check by mail at low transaction fees.

Enhanced Cash Flow Management and Payables
It is possible to pay vendors with a credit card or use instant short-term financing to unlock working capital.
With invoice data capture, it is possible to automate your payables and pay your bills better.
Easily track your complete payables operation at a single glance.

Why Zil Money!
A technology-first approach to payments and finance

Accessible | High Security | Easy Payment

Zil Money offers businesses a flexible and effective alternative to process payroll by credit card. The platform allows businesses to set up credit card payroll payments, simplifying the task and offering many perks. Businesses may earn points, cashback, and other perks by paying staff with bank cards. Using credit card billing cycles to defer cash withdrawals improves cashflow management. Zil Money protects credit card data for salary transactions. Businesses may plan and automate payroll payments which consists of user-friendly interface, assuring accurate and timely employee remuneration. Zil Money offers charge card payroll to streamline payroll, improve financial freedom, and earn incentives.

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